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Tips for ChatHosts


Fans are the basis of your income, you gotta get fans!  That means hosting your own site, being nice to the same guys all the time. 


Never never give a fan your home address or any details that will let him track you down.  You can ever tell when one of them is going to turn out to be a sicko and try turning up on your doorstep!  Most guys are perfectly nice, but it only needs 1 in a thousand to ruin your day so take care.


Forget cheap Logitech "eye" webcams.  You need a prosumer cam like a Sony handcam that is connected up to a video capture board.


Most important thing in the world is lights.  Check out how other girls pictures look and if your pictures are not as bright and clear you need better lights.  It is hard to get bright enough lights in your bedroom.  I mean most of us do not have thousand watt stage lights in our bedroom!





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